Women’s Health Issues

reb_patientintakeDid you know one of the safest ways to relieve menopausal symptoms is acupuncture?

According to a randomized clinical study, women experienced relief from hot flashes, sleep disturbances and mood changes after acupuncture treatments. In fact, the study’s authors’ wrote that, “Acupuncture using menopausal-specific [needling] sites holds promise for nonhormonal relief of hot flushes and sleep disturbances.” (“Can acupuncture ease the symptoms of menopause?” Nov/Dec issue of Holistic Nurse Pracitioner)

While menopause is a normal physiological change, some women experience difficult symptoms during the transition such as the following:

  • depression and/or anxiety
  • fatigue
  • heart palpitations
  • hot flashes
  • insomnia
  • menstrual irregularities such as spotting and/or flooding
  • migraines
  • night sweats
  • osteoporosis
  • vaginal dryness and/or itching

If your menopause occurred naturally (rather than surgically), Rebecca can use acupuncture to restore balance to your endocrine system and alleviate the above symptoms. Since each woman is unique, Rebecca can also personalize a Chinese herbal formula just for you and your particular set of symptoms.

Chinese medicine is safe, natural and effective without side effects!

And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to facial rejuvenation acupuncture as well?